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The time has come for the first blogs to report about us....

The time has come for the first blogs to report about us....It took only 14 days until the first crypto blogs and news sites became aware of us.We have discovered some articles about us and make them available to you here.Have fun, we are on the right track and will sooner or later become the No1 Dogecoin fan platform.We are proud of you Dogekings, thank you very much.....

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The DogekingsClub introduces itself


Dogecoin Fan Ring / Women's Edition


Dogecoin Fan Ring / Men's Edition


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a month ago

LOv3 DOGE Coin. LOv3 Doge King Club.
Shalom, from Indonesia

Sonmy Jackson
2 months ago

Send me the purchasing address now. I can't wait! 😭

2 months ago

Wow, da habt ihr was super geiles produziert,
Wir sehen uns bei der Eröffnung.
Doge to the Moon

2 months ago

iam Dogecoin King!! I Hope

S Alte' Volant
2 months ago

So I was wrong!

Doge Drama Queen
2 months ago

WoQ! This is pretty amazing! So, I guessed wrong at the start and I'm glad it wasn't a coin... this ring rocks x

2 months ago

Yes that's right ... of course it is a ring ... but not just any one ... it's a KING RING ... you will love it... next week we will show you videos from the production... don't miss it and don't forget to tell your friends about it .....

2 months ago

One Ring may represent the commitment to a long and often arduous journey, during which true friendships are formed. (Just as lord of the rings)

2 months ago

Well...i think its a ring, it has to be a ring- even if it is used as a pendent on a necklace. Nonetheless a ring. Frodo=Ring...symbol of unity, togetherness, and loyalty.

2 months ago

Golden quartz ring maybe?